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Why Foundation Repair is Better than Replacing it in Your Fort Worth, TX Home?

Foundation Repair Versus Foundation Replacement

foundation4In a nutshell, foundation settlement is the movement your home experiences when the soil beneath it shrinks, settles, or can no longer support the structure’s weight. Changes that occur in those soils — such as drying & shrinking, wetting and softening, compacting and swelling — all affect the stability, strength and overall condition of your foundation. A foundation with bowing, buckling walls is demonstrating the damage caused by expansive soils. A home that is experiencing foundation issues is not likely to get better on its own. As the constant cycle of wet and dry periods continues in a year, your home is likely to experience damage on a continuing basis. The sooner the problem is addressed to the nearest foundation repair contractor, in Fort Worth, TX, the better.

Foundation Replacement

With total foundation replacement, heavy equipment is brought in to totally excavate the soil around your home and expose the foundation. Anything around the foundation — such as porches, steps, gardens, walkways, and foliage — would be removed. The house would need to be “jacked up” on temporary supports as the foundation walls and slab floor and are removed. After the new foundation is built, the house is lowered into place, the soil is replaced and the landscape details are restored as much as possible. This process is disruptive, time-consuming, and much more expensive than foundation repair.

Foundation Repair

Following a thorough foundation inspection, the foundation repair contractor will explain how and why the damage occurred, and how specialized materials and techniques can be used to make permanent repairs. There are a variety of solutions that can be applied. If you have buckling foundation walls, for example, foundation wall anchors may be suggested as the solution. Foundation settlement issues are often solved with foundation piers. Foundation repair can be performed year-round, and many foundation repairs just take a day to complete.

What Makes Foundation Repair Better?

A reliable foundation repair contractor in Fort Worth, TX will do more than simply repair a damaged foundation. Their repair strategy will take problematic soils and site conditions into consideration, so that the original problems cannot recur. Push piers, for example, extend deep below your foundation, extending past poor supporting soils to bedrock or competent strata to support your foundation and permanently stop settlement. Wall anchors reach beyond foundation walls, using the soils outside of your foundation to anchor the walls and counteract inward pressure.

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