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Top Dirty Signs You Need to Call the Houston, TX Air Duct Cleaning Companies

When to Call for Air Duct Cleaners

airductInstalling an AC is probably one of the things that can relieve your discomfort every summer. Remain cool and refreshed when you come home after a long day of work in an air conditioned room and you will definitely be relaxed. How long has it been since you installed the AC? Now how long has it been since the AC was cleaned, and how about the air ducts?

You may have called a cleaner to take care of your air conditioning units, but you probably forgot to have the air ducts cleaned too. Remember that the air released into the room passes through the air ducts first. When the air the puff out of the AC units comes with dust, it is time to call a technician for air duct cleaning in Houston, TX. You may not see it by your naked eyes, but the dust might come with pollens, allergens and molds.

There are signs that would help you indicate if the air ducts need to be cleaned. One is through the one mentioned earlier, when dust puffs out from the AC unit together with air. Aside from that, the signs can be seen when you open the unit and inspect the ducts. Prior to removing the vent for the duct, you might see some pet hair trapped. It is also one of the things that will tell you the air duct must be cleaned.

When you remove the vent and inspect the ducts, you will either find it clean, dusty or with mold growth. The latter one is a high possibility especially if it has been months or more than a year since you had the AC cleaned. Moisture problem is one of the reasons why molds grow in the air ducts. No one wants to breathe air with molds because it can lead to serious health problems. Get a professional to have your air ducts clear from molds as soon as possible.

You don’t want as well to breathe the air coming from the vents if behind it is insects and rodents living in the ducts. It is not that easy to detect if there are indeed infestation of insects in your air ducts, but with a professional air duct cleaner’s help, they can inspect if there are droppings and shell husks from the insects. Your and the other members of your household’s health is at risk if you don’t act now.

Get the air ducts checked regularly. Call a contractor for air duct cleaning in Houston, TX to make sure the heating and air conditioning of your house and the indoor air quality is clean.

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